Ebeltoft, Denmark

On Tuesday, the Regal Princess arrived in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus where I boarded a bus for a scenic drive to the seaside town of Ebeltoft. Founded circa 1200, this market town on the southern Djursland Peninsula is one of Denmark’s top vacation spots. The village features charming old cobblestone lanes lined with hollyhock, well-preserved, half-timbered buildings and popular beaches. Many Danes of means have their holiday homes here. I stopped at an ice cream shop called “Paradis” and enjoyed some Oreo and cookie dough ice cream topped with a vanilla mousse that was similar to a marshmallow cream. I also enjoyed an Illy cappuccino.

The name Ebeltoft comes from the Danish word for apple, as Ebeltoft is a piece of land with apple trees. The square and the old town hall form the heart of Ebeltoft, and in the summer, the are the setting of many activities.







On the way to Ebeltoft, we stopped at Bregnet Kirke, a 13th century church with perfectly a cemetery that is a perfectly manicured garden. It was quite charming, as is the Danish countryside that is made up of farms that feature bright yellow fields of canola flowers among the green crops.We also made a visit to Poskaer Stenhus a rock formation similar to Stonehenge in England. No one is quite sure how the formation got there, however, it was believed to have been established by sun worshipers and contains special features that are displayed during the solstice.







Denmark has the highest income tax in the world, ranging from 50-67%. In exchange, Danish citizens are entitled to free health care and education. Gas averages $8.00 per gallon, and to purchase a car, one must pay 180% tax. Basically, you buy one car but pay for three.


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