South America 2015, Rio to Valparaiso

This past January 2015, I took the trip of a lifetime–a three week tour of South America, including a cruise from Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil to Valparaiso, Chile, rounding Cape Horn.  The experience exposed me to many of South America’s highlights.  I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Rio where two million people gather at Copacabana Beach to watch the fireworks and throw flowers into the sea, making wishes to Yemanja, an Afro-Brazilian Queen.

Temperatures went from hot, hot, hot to windy and cold the farther down the continent we sailed.  We made a surreal voyage through Glacier Alley and ventured to the “end of the world” in Ushuaia, Argentina.  Penguins were delightful in Chile, and the walking tour I booked for the Falkland Islands got rained out.  Countries visited included:  Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, the Falkland Islands, and Chile.

La Prensa covered the entire trip in their publication.  The article appears at this link:


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