Hello World!  Welcome to Michael’s Travels.

I actually began traveling BEFORE I was born.  My Mom took me with her to Europe when she was pregnant.  I made her airsick.  She forgave me.  We still travel the Earth together and separately.  Thanks for your interest!

At the ecouragement of friends, I have decided to try out WordPress and create a travel blog.  I have been sharing my travel photos and highlights through social media, and this offers another alternative to provide my perspective on the world during and after my adventures around the globe.

To date, I have visited 38 countries on six of the seven continents.  The only continent I haven’t visited is Antarctica, however, on a cruise around South America this past January, I came awfully close by crusing around Cape Horn.

I have an upcoming cruise of Scandinavia and Russia planned for this coming May – June.  That trip will increase my total number of countries visited to 44.  Look for my blogs during the last week of May and the first week of June as I visit Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Germany.

Next April 2016, my parents and I have a Grand Asia cruise planned from Singapore to Shanghai, and that will add another eight countries to my list, bringing the total visited to 52.  The most recent sojourn from which I returned was in February to the Holy Land:  Egypt, Jordan and Israel.  A few photos appear in this post.



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